Theatrical play

By , Monday April 14th, 2014

On 14th of April 2014, with the accompainment of our  english teacher- Klára Bogolepova,  a smaller team of our school took part in a theatrical play, ,which was held in Zvolen. We have seen a one-act performance, called Peter Pan.

Some comments of our group are following:

´´It  was great!  They were able to create an enjoyable play with a relatively small amount of scenery and number of actors.´´

´´We have seen a professional perfomance, the actors have spoken with an adorable British dialect( akcentus- accent)´´

´´ In my opinion, the best actor was the pirate, who played multiple roles at the same time.´´

, I have to say, it was excellent, but I liked the  kissing scenes the most.´´

Conslusionally, according to our common opinion, we shoud see such high quality performances more often.

English Olympia

By , Thursday January 16th, 2014

Recently, on 16th of january 2014, our school has taken part in the English Olympia, which was organized in Levice. Our institution was successfuly represented by Regina Riedl( 1st class) and Anikó Varga( 3rd class). The demanding competition consisted of 2 parts, which also included reading compehension, grammar test as well as picture story or role play( situation game).Finally, Regina Riedl has achieved the 3rd place and Anikó Varga has been a successful participant of the competition.