Theatrical play

By , Monday April 14th, 2014

On 14th of April 2014, with the accompainment of our  english teacher- Klára Bogolepova,  a smaller team of our school took part in a theatrical play, ,which was held in Zvolen. We have seen a one-act performance, called Peter Pan.

Some comments of our group are following:

´´It  was great!  They were able to create an enjoyable play with a relatively small amount of scenery and number of actors.´´

´´We have seen a professional perfomance, the actors have spoken with an adorable British dialect( akcentus- accent)´´

´´ In my opinion, the best actor was the pirate, who played multiple roles at the same time.´´

, I have to say, it was excellent, but I liked the  kissing scenes the most.´´

Conslusionally, according to our common opinion, we shoud see such high quality performances more often.